Omnia Tech Review 2018 – Not A Scam But Be Cautious!

Is Omnia Tech a scam? Well, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that. However, is this a company that you should be working with? The answer to that question really depends on who you are and what your capabilities with regard to marketing, not necessarily cryptocurrency, are. Today, we’ll talk about:

  • What Omnia Tech actually is;
  • why you should be cautious if you’re thinking about signing up;
  • the types of people that are successful with these types of programs;
  • the customer service provided by Omnia Tech;
  • and Scout the Scam Sniffer’s final thoughts.

What Exactly Is Omnia Tech?

Omnia Review 2018 ... Is Omnia A Scam

Omnia Tech is an interesting cryptocurrency based earnings system, and if you’re a good marketer, it could really work for you. Essentially, the process starts by buying into one of the tiers offered. The idea is that when you buy in, you’re buying into a mining group, paying for your portion of mining equipment, and giving those above you in this clear pyramid-like program a cut of what you’ve paid. The memberships go from a $100 Starter program all the way to a $25,000 elite miner program with steps at $500, $1,000, $3,000, $8,500 and $15,000 between the two.

Once the mining equipment is purchased, the money goes to work for you, mining cryptocurrencies. Currently, Omnia Tech allows for the mining of ehtereum, ethereum classics, bitcoin, litecoin, and Zcash. While your money works for you, mining the cryptocurrency of your choice, it’s time for you to start working. The idea is to bring in others that are interested in cryptocurrency. When others sign up, the go into your downline and the money paid for their membership is split with you before going towards mining.

This All Sounds Good, But Be Cautious

Sure, everything above sounds good, but the reality is that if you’re not a good marketer, chances are that you’re going to lose money. You see, the network is being called an affiliate network, but is more like a legal pyramid scheme. Something like the Avon of crypto mining. However, the company isn’t like Avon in the sense that affiliates are really not selling any product. Instead, they are selling memberships.

At the end of the day, recouping your initial investment without recruiting a downline is going to be a far more time consuming process than Omnia Tech leads its users to believe. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that mining costs are consistently rising, and while mining pools are a great way to go about mining cryptocurrencies and bringing down those costs, there are other mining pools out there which will use the vast majority of your investing dollars for actual mining purposes. So, unless you are great at marketing and interested in mining cryptocurrency at the same time, this isn’t likely going to be the best earnings system for you.

The Types Of People That Are Successful With These Programs

While the Omnia Tech system definitely is not a scam, it’s also definitely not something that everyone will see as a profitable venture. The people that are going to be most successful here are going to be successful marketers. The people that have more than 10,000 followers on twitter, have a history of affiliate marketing, and likely own a website or two. If you don’t fall into this small group of individuals, this is not likely a good option for you.

The Customer Service Provided At Omnia Tech

When it comes to customer service, Omnia Tech leaves quite a bit to be desired. While the staff at Omnia Tech is knowledgeable and ready to help, getting in touch with them will prove to be quite difficult. In fact, on their website, you’re not going to find a phone number or email address. Instead, you’ll find multiple snail mail addresses along with a contact form. While in our team has received responses through the contact form, expect delays in contacting the Omnia Tech team.

Scout’s Final Thoughts

Scout, The Crypto Scam SnifferWhen Scout the Scam Sniffer started to dig into Omnia Tech, he expected that what he would find was going to be a shameless scam. While the investigation turned up a pleasant surprise… the company is not out there scamming anyone, it also showed that this isn’t necessarily a system that will work for everyone either. With that said, if you are in the small class of people that would do good with a system like this as mentioned above, by all means, give it a shot. However, if the definition of people best fit for this program above does not describe you, you’ll likely be better off with another service!

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