Haasonline Review 2018 – Is This Cryptocurrency Bot A Scam?

Haasonline was brought to our attention by a reader that wanted to know our opinion of the software. When the reader brought the cryptocurrency trading bot to our attention, there were a few key words that made us think that we were hot on the trail of shameless con-artists. However, after digging into the details, we were pleasantly surprised when we found out that Haasonline and its HaasBot are completely legitimate. That’s right, this automated trading system isn’t a scam, it’s the real deal! Today, we’ll talk about:

  • What Haasonline is;
  • why we’re comfortable saying that this isn’t a scam;
  • what cryptocurrencies are supported;
  • and Scout the Scam Sniffer’s final thoughts.

What Is Haasonline

Haasonline Review 2018

As mentioned above, when we first heard about Haasonline, there were a couple of key words that really caught our attention. Those words were automated and bot. At the end of the day, when we hear about automated profit systems run by robotic software, a red flag comes up immediately. Well, that’s exactly what Haasonline is.

Haasonline is essentially a software platform that can be used as a tool to automate the cryptocurrency trading process. The platform is ultimately made up of 3 different bots. There is an order bot, an arbitrage bot, and a trade bot. Each bot serving its purpose with an ultimate goal of using technical signals to generate profits for its owners.

Once the bot is set to your specifications, it will trade 24/7 taking advantage of volume and using technical analysis to pinpoint and exploit good entry and exit points. At the same time, the bots used in the Haasonline platform aren’t simply aiming for profits and taking every risk in the world to get to them. There are safe haven features built into the software to help avoid big losses.

Why We’re Confident That Haasonline Isn’t A Scam

At first glance on the home page of the company’s website, it became abundantly clear that Haasonline was not a scam. The reason for this is that the company does not take part any any of the marketing tactics that we can expect to see from scam companies. There is no sense of urgency created, no promises that if you use their software, you will end up with a houseful of cash and a new yacht, no outlandish claims of earnings without experience. Instead, their website is based on outlining what they offer and allowing you to make the decision as to whether or not you’re going to give them a shot.

From there, we see another big sign that Haasonline is not a scam. While scams would never encourage their victims to post reviews online, Haasonline does the exact opposite. In fact, the company actually encourages users to publish their results to public platforms! That statement screams legitimacy for the company.

While this has led to some complaints about the software having glitches on some safety measures, the vast majority of consumer reviews online are positive, suggesting that most people that take advantage of Haasonline have a positive experience. Considering the positive feedback that can be seen all over the web, it’s clear that these guys aren’t out the conning people out of hard earned money.

Cryptocurrencies Supported

One of the big benefits to the system has to do with the sheer amount of cryptocurrencies that are supported through the Haasonline platform. Currently, there are well over 500 cryptocurrencies supported for trading and the company supports just about every legitimate cryptocurrency exchange online today.

Scout The Scam Sniffer’s Final Thoughts

Scout, The Crypto Scam Sniffer

When first digging into the details on Haasonline, Scout the Scam Sniffer was sure that he was going to uncover unsavory actions by con-artists looking to take advantage of and steal from cryptocurrency enthusiasts. However, to his surprise, every time the paw hit the dirt as he dug deeper, it seemed like more signs of legitimacy started to appear. After a thorough dive into what Haasonline has to offer, Scout has closed the investigation and adds his seal of approval to Haasonline’s vast list of accolades!

Do you know of a cryptocurrency related scam? Throw Scout a bone!

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