AirBit Club Review 2018: Is AirBit Club A Scam?

Scout the Scam Sniffer says AirBit Club is a shameless scam!

AirBit Club is supposedly an earnings system that can make you massive amounts of money in the cryptocurrency space. The company claims to be a trading bot and mining system that allows investors to maximize their gains with little effort. However, as you will see in the review below, the scam is anything but what it claims to be. Below, we’ll talk about:

  • What AirBit Club claims to do;
  • why it’s clear that this “earnings system” is a shameless scam;
  • why these types of scams are so dangerous;
  • Scout the Scam Sniffer’s final thoughts.

What AirBit Club Claims To Do

AirBit Club Review 2018 - Is AirBit Club A Scam

At first glance on the AirBit website, things look to be pretty legitimate. The company has a well made website and saves the outlandish claims for when you scroll down the page. Nonetheless, as you dig in, you start to see what the company claims to do. According to their website, AirBit Club takes the money that you invest, and uses their bots to both trade and mine in the cryptocurrency market. On their website, the company claims to mine and trade only the top 10 cryptocurrencies, generating a massive profit in the process.

Why It’s Clear That AirBit Club Is A Shameless Scam

Ultimately, there are several factors that make it overwhelmingly clear that AirBit Club is a shameless scam. First and foremost, as you read on their website, you start to see the aggressive and unethical marketing tactics. Ultimately, the company claims that with a small investment, you will make hundreds of times the amount of money invested over a very short period of time. I’ve been in the finance industry all of my life and have never seen a real investment vehicle that could guarantee anything close to these types of gains.

Another red flag appeared when we dug a little deeper into how the money you invest is supposedly used. Essentially, the company works just like a Ponzi scheme! When an unsuspecting victim signs up, the company says that 50% of the investment made is split up through other members in the system. The other 50% is used to trade and mine, ultimately generating a profit. The idea is that every time a member signs up, you will create a profit. However, the con-artists literally told the world that they are a Ponzi scheme.

Think about it, when you invest $5,000 in AirBit Club, $2,500 is automatically paid to existing members. Ultimately, this money is used to pay returns on investments. While the company says the other $2,500 is invested in mining and trading, I don’t believe this to be true for a second! At the end of the day, like other Ponzi schemes, this one is dependent on new users signing up. When new users stop signing up, no money will be there to pay returns or give back initial investments. This is a blatant scam!

Why These Types Of Scams Are So Dangerous

Ponzi schemes like AirBit Club are some of the most dangerous scams out there, whether they are using cryptocurrency or fiat currency. These scams lock in the masses who generally reinvest their returns as it seems like the system is working. Then, years later after hundreds or thousands of investors have gotten involved, the system implodes, leaving everyone with a loss. AirBit is particularly dangerous as they went out of their way to look more legitimate than most scams, meaning that they are going to try and milk as much from the public as possible!

Scout The Scam Sniffer’s Final Thoughts

Scout, The Crypto Scam SnifferScout the Scam Sniffer did plenty of digging into AirBit Club. After expecting scams and finding legitimate services in both and Haasonline, Scout met this company with some optimism. However, as he dug, with each paw that hit the dirt, Scout became more skeptical. Unfortunately, unlike the good guys out there, it quickly became clear that AirBit Club was no more than a shameless scam put together by con-artists. Therefore, if you’re considering signing up for the service, do yourself a favor and save your money!

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